Playing Mainstream Video Games Without Sight: Current State And Future Of Accessibility

All right. Hi, hello everyone. I am Sightless Kombat for those of you who don’t know who I am, I am an accessibility advocate from the UK, and I primarily focus on the accessibility of mainstream video games.

Now, I’ve been playing mainstream video games for a number of years, partly to engage in the same social experiences as my sighted peers, but also just to generally indulge in this unparalleled form of escapism. As well as being just an accessibility advocate, I also write accessibility reviews for hardware and mentioning games. Partly, this feedback is to send to those who might be interested in purchasing these products before they do so, so that they’re aware of any accessibility issues I encountered during their use. Whether that’s through unboxing, or whether that’s through actual usage in testing, but also I send this feedback to developers of these products so that hopefully all being well, they can actually improve during the next iteration of that product. Now, I will be using throughout the remainder of this talk the term Gamer Without Sight or GWS. Now, some of you might be thinking well, you’re blind aren’t you?

And the answer is, yes, I am that’s correct. But I prefer not to use that label simply due to the fact that legal blindness can actually include some residual and usable vision. So, I therefore take Games Without Sight to mean that a person is playing video games, and they cannot see at all whilst doing so.

This isn’t my first time actually being in the US as tourist to briefly referenced in the introduction that she provided, but the reasoning is, I was able to travel for five weeks in the previous year, as part of a Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship provided to me by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust or the WCMT. Now, what is a Winston Churchill Fellowship? You might be asking. Well, this is an overseas grant, a research grant rather that allows you to travel overseas and bring your any findings that you take from your projects back to the UK to hopefully positively impact professions and communities they’re in. Now that I knew when I started this project that I was going to be focusing on game accessibility.

So, I realized that my findings would have far reaching, and possibly a global impact rather than just a UK wide reach. So, I entered my research with five questions in mind namely as follows. Number one, are developers aware of accessibility? Number two, are developers willing to listen to the challenges faced by GWS? Number three, does company infrastructure affect how implementation of accessibility features happens from studio to studio? Number four, what is the situation like across current platforms for GWS?

And number five, when do I think the first fully accessible game will come out in a triple a form with full in-game menu accessibility and gameplay? For the remainder of this, I’m going to discuss partly answering these questions but mostly this is done through the findings themselves. So, as part of my five-week tour, crossing four states, I actually had the chance to not only conducted a number of company visits, which I will discuss in a little more detail later on, but I also had the chance to attend E3, the massive trade show that the industry takes on every year, where large numbers of products and games are revealed, but also Microsoft’s gaming and disability bootcamp which I believe Ian mentioned in the very first talk of the day, and also the Xbox FanFest Event which Microsoft runs alongside E3.

Now, my reactions at the expo was pretty much a mixed bag in a sense because, on one hand I had some interactions with companies who were very accommodating and approachable. And one even hooked me up with a haptic chair that was wired up to the trailers that were being exhibited, that was an interesting experience, and also I had very interesting discussions about games engines. And in the case of crack down, I was able to help solve an audio bug or at least just find said bug on the spot.

Now, on the flip side, I was actually unfortunate enough to encounter companies with inaccessible booths or booths staffed with individuals who either didn’t actually know anything about, or seem to be interested in accessibility. Expos are a valuable source of feedback, they’re invaluable in fact in terms of feedback and building positive relationships with your gaming public, including those with disabilities. Please be as welcoming as you can to individuals who come along to your conventions with disabilities, as it may be their first time interacting with not only your products, but your company as well, and first impressions can certainly go a long way in that regard. So, slide six, with this in amongst the expos and other events I’ve just mentioned came a number of company visits, and with that the reactions were positive as well, but also very enlightening.

As much as I talked to a number of game studios, I also had conversations with Valve and Nvidia which were interesting on both ends from my perspective and from theirs. During these times, I actually got the chance to have my first fully fledged experience with VR, as well as engaging in well, Mortal Combat for want of a better results against members of the development teams or just collaborators with said teams like fighting against obviously 16 bits in Injustice two as well as fighting against Ken Lobb. One of the guys who actually came up, was involved in the original Killer Instinct, but I fought against him in the reboot was conducting. Yes, there’s a picture there for those of you who can’t see it of me standing next to a spartan, but it’s actually a statute, but I’ll come to that in a second. Because, whilst I was visiting, I actually got the chance to go and see 343 Halo Museum, which is a very interesting place for those of you who get the opportunity to attend. But as a Games Without Sight, I often get asked what I think video game characters look like.

This isn’t exactly the easiest of questions to answer mainly because the “internal imaging process” can take a large number of forms and work with a fair few sources. Most of the source material for these internal images comes from the voice acting and sound design in the game, but it also comes from sometimes external media such as books, and also action figures, and other elements of the franchise. Now, with that though, the fact was clearly demonstrated to me that, being able to stand toe-to-toe with a Spartan clad in full new armor, as well as facing down the Covenant in the form of elites and brutes.

Up close, I mean, yeah, they’re just statues and costumes, but the point still stands. It gives a sense of scale and perspective that is really hard to replicate, given that the internal images you have as a Games Without Sight are almost certainly flawed in terms of their heights of the player character for instance. But, this visit was able to demonstrate to me that accessibility doesn’t just encompass most of what’s been talked about today in the features of the game you’re playing.

Accessibility reaches further out than that to external elements so comic books, novelizations, animated media, and action figures and things. These positive inferences were carried forward to discussions I had with developers, and again as I stated earlier, most of the reactions I had were very positive from these company visits. Some developers were surprised simply at the fact that not only a Games Without Sight was playing their games but, doing relatively well but also the use cases that hadn’t been considered before we’re coming up such as, use with a screen reader. So, a screen reader just a recap for those of you who aren’t necessarily familiar with the term is a piece of assistive tech that put simply can rely on-screen elements such as buttons, controls, and just text in general when it’s formatted in standards through synthesized speech.

But other companies appreciated the opportunity to have in-person one-to-one interactions because again, they’re highlighted use cases that hadn’t necessarily been seen before, and was able to reference issues that may have come up previously but not necessarily with the context of having a Games Without Sight in the room to help solve issues. Speaking of problem-solving, there were companies who were able to solve issues on the spot with new and potentially effective solutions being theorized right then and there. Above although, it was very clear to me that once the companies had realized that accessibility was relatively easy to implement and certainly achievable, the reality had begun to dawn. So as you can see there’s a number of bullet points here, and these are in part some of the recommendations I came back with from my five-week tour, which I then wrote up into my report.

So contact, make it easy for those with accessibility concerns regardless of the disability to contact you. Please do not copy and paste generic PR messages. That is a rather frustrating thing that I’ve seen because what it can do is, it can almost certainly turn gamers without sight off of watching your company for any future accessibility development regardless of how useful and large scale they might be.

Use your accessibility features as a selling point. Now, this is slightly been covered with things like Uncharted Four and other games even where the passive face could be said to be definitely covering the accessibility based by working with marketing of the difficulty level settings, et cetera. But if I see a product that says has accessibility features and what those specific features are, that sounds like a really interesting concept to look into. And the day I can buy a product without having to worry about what I sometimes term as the accessibility versus price problem, namely that sometimes, you’re not sure whether you can buy a game because it might not have the right accessibility features, then the day I can buy a product without having to worry about that is a day where I will be more than happy to purchase more products from that company. Publicize your accessibility features.

Well, publicity is the, we’re heading there. Publicize your accessibility features as soon as they are approved even if that’s massively before launch. Because then, gamers without sight like myself can rest easy, relatively so with the knowledge that their experience will be at launch marginally if not greatly less painful than it would have been otherwise without those accessibility features in place. Communication, if your accessibility features are being hampered in terms of their implementation by either higher management, higher authorities, company infrastructure issues, or even just the engine your working in which can sometimes be an issue, let consumers know what’s going on because at the very least, they’ll have sympathy for what you’re going through. And sometimes they might even be able to suggest ways around it. And testing with the demographic.

It’s been highlighted earlier, who better to test with than the people who are actually going to use your features? I mean, it’s almost logic really. If you’ve got a blind person, and you’re adding in accessibility features for gamers without sight, get those players in and get them feeding back because sometimes they might find even easier ways as Michelle was highlighting. They might find easier ways rounds while you’re currently trying to do to say shorten verbosity of the incoming text.

So, more recommendations here, and yeah, more recommendations here starting with worldwide testing. Equally, as much as you are working with testing in-house, in studios, and that might seem to be the easiest solution, there are going to be testers like myself who are unable to actually come into your studios in the States and give you one-to-one feedback and put the time in as it were in terms of assistance. Now, bring the boats to test this remotely. It’s not impossible. Might be tricky at times, but it’s certainly not impossible to do because that feedback coming from a large range of use cases can be very useful.

Speaking of wide-ranging things, the wider pre-release access as well. You see all the YouTubers are the big streamers and content creators flying out to these pre-launch events at various HQs. I can remember Battlefront Two myself being a big thing where you had a large number of streams covering even things that went in the open beta as far as I can remember. But, it would be interesting to see accessibility features and the game in general marketed by streamers with disabilities. And simulation testing, flipping back briefly to the testing sphere of things.

It’s been highlighted earlier as well. Even if you can get what you might loosely term as subject matter experts in on the testing cycle, what you also want to do is get yourself testing it because then you might actually find issues that you haven’t found before. So for example, if you have a product you can blindfold yourself completely so you can’t see anything. Trying to unbox it from start to finish, and see if there are any parts where an unboxing process might be too complicated or if you have a game, turn it onto a competitive setting and see if there are any glaring audio cues that need to be put in or any menu things that needs to be revamped, but we’ll come on to those aspects a little later.

And the final one for this, multiple resources. So, even with narrated menus and accessibility features, plain HTML files can be extremely useful before launch when they’re released. Especially, given that sometimes you won’t have the sighted assistance that’s needed to get into the game, get into the right menus, and turn these accessibility features on on day one. So, having that ability to do that without actually having any sighted assistance, does ease the stress and frustration of this whole someone.

So now, to the practicalities of this. So for years, the main barrier to entry for gamers without sight into a brand new game, say they just bought it for example, is the menus. So, navigating complex menu structures. Now, this has mostly been facilitated for a very, very long time now by written guides.

So, these guides are often compiled by gamers without sight who have attempted to play the game before. Whether they’ve tried or failed to manage actually getting anywhere. Now, sometimes that’s assisted by sighted assistance other times that’s assisted by trial and error.

And these guys can often remain incomplete to varying degrees of incompleteness in fact, due to the simple reason that sometimes there are patches that change menu orders or remove or add options as time goes on. Also, a complete lack of sighted assistance to document all the processes that you actually need to work with to gets into the deeper layers of setting up specific scenarios. So, you might have how to get into a multiplayer lobby just on a basic level, but you might not have how to get into a custom private match with five people and yourself with a certain set of load outs only permitted I don’t know, but that’s the idea. But now, there are options for resolving this issue. In recent years, a main piece of tech that’s come onto the assistance field if you will, is OCR or Optical Character Recognition. Now, OCR basically involves relaying extrapolating text from an image and relaying it through to a screen reader, which as I said earlier, is a piece of software that can synthesize this text into computerized speech.

Now, OCR for console games often involves using an internet connected app on a second screen. So, a laptop or desktop or sometimes even a phone that will be able to then read the screen for the user and reload the text. However, such apps can most certainly be impacted by performance issues, connectivity issues, operating systems, device health, any number of factors that can make it extremely tedious. Then, sometimes even fonts can get in the way. Things like having a clear and readable font can not just impact those with visual, total of actual usable vision, but it can also impact Games Without Sight using OCR.

However, the landscape is certainly shifting and changing to accommodate the new trends if you will, in terms of the accessibility sphere. Last year, Microsoft announced that GDC, the the same systems that were being used to underpin an eraser, have been combined into part of the development kit in a thing called the Microsoft Speech Synthesis API or as I believe I termed in my report the MSSA. And this basically allows for spoken menus, so fully spoken menus, and in-game UI elements as well. So, things like health or- You know, pause menus or just tutorial messages, but you also have as well as that you have the Unity plug-in, mentioned earlier today which can provide full accessibility to Unity games.

And you also have the TOCC Abstraction Library which was used to retrofit school girls into the PC accessible fighting game, this is as now, and PC games can definitely make use of that library. Now, these tools all work for interfaces. Now, if you’re working with a game, like say Hearthstone or Football Manager, then you’re going to theoretically at least be able to make these games relatively almost fully accessible in a relatively short space of time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the all games are this easy to work with in terms of making them fully accessible to gamers without sight. Once you start involving complex mechanics, which we will come on to in a second, that can then make things more difficult, but that doesn’t necessarily mean accessibility can’t be achieved. So, FPS games.

So once you work with a 2.5D games, a fighting game for example or a side-scroller, that is, in essence, relatively simple to work with in terms of stereo audio or proximity based curious. Though not all games manage this but that’s on a on a case-by-case basis normally. However, once you add in the relatively mysterious Z-axis or the third dimension, developers often get kind of confused and uncertain as to how to implement these more complex mechanics and particularly navigation of complex environments. Now I’ve played a fair few different shooters, I’ve played a Overwatch, I played Gears, I’ve played a couple of iterations of Halo, but most of this play is facilitated by spatial audio cues so, where sound is coming from around me and sometime Gina volume of sound and other queues. But also via the sighted assistance of others, whether this assistance comes from things like local co-pilot or cooperative systems that are locally available or whether that comes from online services such as Xbox live. So if I’m teaming up with a number of people in Halo Five I can either do that through the console itself locally, maybe not in Halo Five case but I can do that online as well should I need to.

So, here’s a clip of co-pilot in action. Now co-pilot, I don’t believe it’s been explained, but for those who aren’t aware co-pilot is a system integrated into the Xbox One Operating System, this allows for two sets of controller inputs rather, to be rendered as a single set of controller inputs. Now actually, I think Ian highlighted this earlier, the specific combination of inputs doesn’t necessarily matter as long as two controllers are being used as one. So, in this next clip I’m about show you from Doom 2016, I am taking control of the weapons side of things so the the firing and the changing of weapons when needed as well as possibly grenades as well, and my co-pilot is actually taking control of all of the navigational elements, so the jumping around the looking, and the navigation generally. So here is a clip of Doom 2016. So as you can see there’s an audio key to indicate we’re in battle, and that’s me firing the rifle there.

This game does in essence become a wall of noise up points so a co-pilot can be helpful, even in just navigating that. So as you can see there’s a fair amount of looking around going on and that’s being facilitated by my co-pilot trying to find the enemies. And there are cues for picking up power-ups as well, and then that guy makes his presence very well-known by that audio cue. Yes, so that is a co-pilot in Doom 2016 this works for other games as well including this next one but this next one being Titan Fall Two, but this clip actually comes from a slightly different scenario where instead of using a local version of site assistance facilitated by co-pilot, what ends up happening is myself and a fellow player, are actually online together in the game and working to actually do what turns out to be my first Titan kill.

For those of you who can’t see, this other player is actually in Hamilton and this is through his POV, and you will see in a second, that’s yes that’s going to hurt. Now, I’ve played a fair amount of high-low and things independently and really enjoyed it, but it’s not necessarily just me who’s attempting to work with 3D mechanics. So, I’m aware of a Call of Duty player who has a visual impairment, I’m aware of a number of individuals who are playing GTA Five as well in first person vie, both of these cases are facilitated by not only the audio cues but the assists available as well in their respective games. So, we’re going to go through a few top tips here. So the first one auditory and haptic cues for enemies or objectives addictive proximity to cross out so basically being able to line things up and pull the trigger, quite useful in those kinds of games. Aim sensor on walk or button commands are also sensors for those of you who may have seen previous Halo games if you run forward and your gun is not pointing in the center, that will redirect your gun.

Gears has I think first sprint. If you sprint you’re going to re-center itself, and cues for nearby weapons pickups and locational objectives. So, if say I have to run to an area pull a lever and then move to a different area, then I should be able to make that happen fairly easily. Aim and camera assist so essentially making your bullets more likely to hit the enemy and being able to lock on to the right direction to travel, and distinct cues for Friendly’s and enemies.

So, being able to tell whether the footsteps or the gliding noises or whatever audio cues the specific characters using are friendly or enemy is quite useful. And a couple of things I failed to mention earlier, this applies to all the general examples as well I’m going to go through, run all your menus and in-game messages through the text tools I mentioned earlier, and also as well menu navigation. So, if you have a cursor, like an analog cursor that you move over a menu item and then click it, that should also be facilitated via D-pad specific commands as well.

I can think of two recent example, well fairly recent examples namely Destiny Two and Assassin’s Creed Origins, both of which failed to do this which is very frustrating when you get into a game and you can’t even move the menus around. That can be quite annoying. So, we’re going to move from this onto Racing Games. Now, for around a decade and, well for over a decade and a half, Racing Games in audio-only circles have been present, so there’s certainly a few lessons that can be learned from mainstream developers attempting to integrate various facets of accessibility into their own titles. Now, while discussing the concept of accessible Racing Games with various individuals connected with the falls are series in its various iterations, I discussed a theoretical concepts called the audio racing line.

Now this is a separate cue that would be separate from your car’s audio and any other audio in the game, and it would move to indicate which direction you need to go. So, in essence if it’s in the center of your stereo field you need to go straight ahead, and if it moves to your left or right, you then you then follow your audio racing line cue to make the turns. Sounds fairly straightforward, and that’s because the learning process then would be pretty much the same as SIC player. So, figuring out what speed you can take corners out without crashing into walls which is very easy to do regardless of how well you can see. Yes But also having a time trial mode or a practice mode can also be of great help given that you want to try and get the best lap times you can.

So we’re going to go for a few top tips here as well. So, rally-style 10 indications at Top Speed Three which is a game I was going to recommend on the previous slide. Top Speed Three was a game that is now no longer an active development created by a studio called Playing in the Dark. This is basically what I would consider to be the best quality place to stop for implementation of accessibility given that this was an audio-only racing game.

Rally-style turning indicators actually pretty much present in Top Speed Three, although they’re nowhere near as complicated as what’s so called pace notes in actual rally driving. Audio cues and haptics too of course for distance from the racing line. So, if you’ve run off the edge of the track, you are immediately informed about it via two sources instead of just one.

Practice modes for cars and tracks. So you know what car, so how your car will sound on different surfaces, and so that you know how to navigate the tracks correctly. Distinct audio cues for cars you are or aren’t controlling. Say you’re racing against one other person and you’re both using the same car so that you can tell which car is yours, and the ability to just ambiance and music independently of the rest of the game. Now, that would be useful say so that you can even just hear the UI generally or so that you want to turn up maybe the ambience so you can know that it’s raining for example or that it’s snowing, I don’t know.

Maybe you’re racing in the snow, or if it’s just sunny you’ll just have nothing I suppose or just- yeah. All right. So, fighting games, the genre that probably most of you here are aware of what my content creation were probably expecting. Now, fighting games are relatively easy genres to work but in terms of accessibility. Though Killer Instinct is still the game that I hold to very high regards, the reboot that is, given how much it does right compared to its current competitors.

It has a very simple way of answering a One v One exhibition match, and it’s lobby system isn’t too bad either for multiplayer sort of competitive tournaments for example. It also has a relatively simple menu structure in general. But and also the main key point of Killer Instinct or KI, as it’s sometimes known, is it’s very very detailed audio design. Now, to put this in perspective, KI has a full range of movement cues for characters walking forwards and backwards, dashing forwards and backwards, jumping forwards, backwards and in neutral.

The jumping aspect of it is quite important especially as from the moment you leave the ground pretty much to when you come down, there is something going on in the audio for your character. This is in comparison to Street Fighter Five where the only way you necessarily know when a player has jumped is halfway through when they’re at the apex of the arc, which is slightly annoying when you’re trying to anti air a character. But given the KI is such an audio heavy game, I think it’s better that I just demonstrate how much it does well in terms of providing information. What I’m going to use to demonstrate this is a clip from probably one of the hardest special boss fights I’ve had to face. I think those of you who know the game will know what I’m about to say next.

Box Shadow Diego, this input reading boss is very tricky to deal with, but this is a clip that demonstrates just how it works if you can’t see anything at all. Outputting lots of energy. I wonder what happened there. So, as you can see, there’s near enough cues for pretty much everything. So there’s even cues for when he activates his instinct mode. So even when I’ve come up sort of guarding from his next attack, the cues of that indicate that I’ve managed it.

As I said, read your inputs. Here my execution fails me when I try to get the ultimate, even though I still won. Right. So that is, thank you. Thank you.

So, yeah, and with that we will go on to the top tips. So, as I said earlier, if there is any text, sorry. Say for instance you have, I don’t know, a crafting menu in your fighting game which is not unheard of, killer instinct did do this for one of its modes which is why I reference it. Stereo separation, no matter how close the characters are when they’re fighting, so that you can at least tell who’s on the left or right. That can be very crucial. Unique cues for all important actions.

So, if it has any significance to the player in terms of the outcome of a matc, for example, give it a queue. Queues for resources or health gauges et cetera. So any any important UI elements that need cues give those cues as well, but also give it an ability to be adjusted independently.

Because sometimes players might learn to fight with those cues off once they play the game for long enough. For character select, when you have a character highlighted, make it clear for player one and two which character they’ve highlighted before they have to lock it into place permanently. Also that extends to mirror matches as well.

So if I’m playing as the same character as my opponent, make it clear which one of us has actually won the match. So, yeah, we’re going to go into just a few things. I mean that was a couple of genre specific examples. But, if you have any questions about projects that you guys are working on, please do come and sort of ask me and ask other people as well because there are likely things that can be done.

It matters how much it replicates the experience of a sites of gamma. But if it can’t necessarily be done for completely logical reasons which will sort of be discussed as time goes on, then that can change elements of it. But with KI as well, just to sort of say highlight a thing that I should have highlighted before, I will be taking on challenges next door with a rake setup. So, if you guys want to find out whether I can play as effectively as a sighted player, then please feel free to come and- >> Just go for it. >> Yeah.

So, but I’m happy to discuss any questions that you guys may have about projects you’re working on even if they’ve already been covered in the genre specifics. I really hope this presentation has given you at least a little insight into how gaming with outside actually works in practice. But, accessibility is achievable.

This is the front line. Where do we go from here? The answer, we’ll see.


Ultimate Fortnite Gaming Setup!

(electronic music) – Its no secret that one of the biggest games right now- okay lets be honest, the biggest game right now is Fortnite. To celebrate that we wanted to do a gaming set up based on it. Now in the past we have done a couple other gaming themed set ups before we did a Zelda Switch, we did a Sea of Thieves Xbox, and in those cases we took the extra step of doing a painted system. Which can look really great, but it is also not very cheap and is in fact super expensive. So we want to do something a little bit different this time that was much more affordable.

The first step is to get a PS4 in the right color we want to celebrate Fortnite. The problem is, is that when it comes to colors and Playstation well right now there’s not really a whole lot of options. In fact there’s really none, because they’re all different just shades of white, black, or metallic.

Doesn’t really have a colorful vibe to it like in Fortnite. So we decided to get a DBrand skin, and in this case we went for a blue system. Fortnite doesn’t really have any one singular strong color, it kind of changes with the seasons, but blue is one that’s always kind of stuck with me as being part of the game.

So lets set that up right now. (electronic music) Why? I did okay.

So we now have a blue PS4, which I’m really surprised that I didn’t mess up other than missing the inside of the port here. Well its gone. But we’re just gonna ignore that. We have a blue PS4, which on its own doesn’t exactly scream Fortnite yet.

We still have to add one more thing and that’s decals which are gonna add the real flavor. Now, there’s a couple ways you can go with this. We picked up a couple options, but there’s only enough room to fit one of them. First we’ve got the big obvious guy, Big ole Fortnite logo sticker.

So this is going to cover up most of the PS4 It’s definitely gonna give the idea of Fortnite right away, but personally I’ve always said many times before I don’t like shoving the name of stuff on the systems, I wanna be a little more subtle than that. Plus with this sticker, we’re actually gonna cover up the Playstation logo which, I’m not really feeling either. So instead we’re gonna go with hang gliding onto the map. Now with this guy it’s small enough that we actually have to chose which part of the PS4 that we want to put it on. Since the energy of kind of floating down the hang glider is going this way, I’m feeling the upper right hand corner right here. (electronic music) So as you can see we’ve gone with a desk set up for our Fortnite PS4 theme.

And the reason for that is that at its heart Fortnite is a competitive game, and when I think of competitive gaming I think of a desk set up, you know living room set ups are great and all but I usually think of that being more relaxed, laid back, you’re doing some single player gaming. For something competitive though, I think desk set up its all tight it’s your battle station everything is all together. So along with the PS4 that we’ve customized, we have a couple more things on here that still celebrate Fortnite. First off, there’s a little replica of the Boogie Bomb, which is really cool actually because it comes with a little remote.

Where right now we have it set to where its shifting through all the different colors, but you can also do it to where its just one solid color, or its blinking all the colors a lot faster than it is right now. The other thing we got which is actually my personal favorite, I’m blocking right its this guy, it’s just a little light up sign that uses LED lights below to create the Fortnite logo in a really cool looking way. Its kind of like that dock dock we have for the switch I just think it looks really awesome and ties the whole set up together.

Now of course with Fortnite being a competitive game we can’t just talk about aesthetics with this set up we also got to talk about what kind of accessories to outfit your PS4 with to give you the biggest edge in the game. And the two biggest most important are of course a headset and a controller. Now starting with headset we’ve got this guy back here the Arctis Pro Wireless.

This has become my favorite headset that I’ve been using, I use it on PS4 and PC all the time. It has great audio quality great sense of direction, doesn’t come cheap but it is worth it. Now they do make a wired version of this that’s a little cheaper, which could work in this desk set up. But I really wanted to keep the whole thing looking clean and so I went with the wireless to keep that look.

Next lets talk about controllers. Now of course you could just stick with the standard Dual Shock 4 leave it on display right there. But you wanna talk about Pro Controller options there’s two that I really like for Playstation. First if you want a wired option for that super low response time I love the Nacon Revolution, this is actually one of the first Pro controllers they did for the PS4 and its a really good one. I like the fact that is uses the higher up left stick like on an Xbox which I think is just more comfortable. And it uses mix up of concave and convex heads.

Most importantly for Fortnite though is that its going to give you re-mappable buttons on the back of the controller. Which are really easy to access and hit. Now if you would instead want something that’s wireless to maintain that nice clean look here.

I really like the Scuf Impact. This is basically just a heavily modified PS4 controller, which is why its still wireless. But you’re gonna get a much better grip design and once again you’re getting those back pedals for more control options.

So there you have our Fortnite PS4 set up. If you wanna get some looks at this thing, check out my Instagram. We’re gonna put a whole bunch of pictures up of it there. If you’re interested in any of the stuff that we featured in this video we’re gonna link that down below as well. I will see you guys later.

Hey why isn’t this thing being used for the final-


Indian Heroes of PUBG

When they saw my name they did not come to Georgopol. People were like… “Oh Mortal has joined the game.” I would like to introduce myself as a PUBG Mobile gamer and a streamer as well as someone who would want gaming to be at a level where it can, you know? influence someone… to play more and build it as a career option. So we had consoles PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2… We had PC games like… Dangerous Dave Super Mario Bros. Contra GTA San Andreas Counter Strike was one of the… you know… most addictive games at the that point.

There was a game called Mini Militia. I started playing it in 2015. I began YouTube through that particular game called Mini Militia. My parents were like… “Turn it off!”

“How long will you keep playing video games?” Because we used to continue playing overnight. We used to play through the day. We played games inside the college… and outside as well. At home, it was a little strict.

“What will you gain out of it?” “Better focus on studies.” But I took it lightly… Because I was studying B.Com that is why I took it lightly.

And I used to play more and focus on my YouTube a little more than usual. First of all because of the nature Okay? You can communicate with each other. There are 100 people dropping in… you have to survive with your teammates. Your co-ordination, your strategies… You have to kill opponents and loot them. I mean, this game had everything.

The trend can control anything. Streaming has been controlled by the trend. If there was no trend of PUBG Mobile… streaming wouldn’t have been a thing. I wouldn’t have been there if there was no PUBG. When PUBG Mobile was launched… it completely changed streaming. There are so many new streamers now and they’re growing at a very good rate.

One of my videos went viral. Then I realised now is the time… I started with tips and tricks and those videos went viral.

And I had videos around that which were showcasing my PUBG skills. So that’s when I realised… that a lot of people are saying “Wow you’re such a good player.” BRIDGE CAMP! Oh man! OH MAN! These guys are excellent stream snipers!

There can’t be better stream snipers than these guys. MORTAL CLUTCH PLEASE. Mortal there’s one guy there! All dead! You killed everybody?

Yes bro! Gather around! Okay so it was 7 of us remaining in one house.

Some were on the terrace… some were outside the house. I was the only one left from my team. Now out of the 6 people… I did not know how many were squads. Someone could be playing solo.

Some could be duos or three teammates I had no clue. Now at this moment… it is wise to stay at a low profile. No matter how confident you are you shouldn’t take up a fight. Because they were doing the same thing right? No one was making a move then I decided to take it to the heal battle. Heal battle is where the final zone closes in and you have to apply your health kits.

You have to spam on the health button and when the zone closed in I started spamming… I was spamming with my eyes closed. I did not realise I had only 3 health packs. Right after the third one when I pressed the button I… If I had known that I did not have another first aid kit I would’ve simply rushed him but but when I heard the sound of the energy drink can I was like… oh what just happened? Next thing which came to mind was RUN!

And it was that millisecond had I not reached in time I was dead for sure. Now when I was running to the terrace People ask me “How did you know… …that he was on your right side?” Here’s where sound plays the most important role.

When he injected himself I heard that sound. So I knew that he was on the right side. I went upstairs and straight to the right I opened blind fire and he was dead. This was something absolutely rare. It gave me goosebumps. I became of fan of myself.

There were people talking about… Four finger control with help you play more dynamically. When I joined the community I got to know that this something new. So I started with 3-finger controls and I carried on the same thing in PUBG. I never started PUBG with 2 fingers. I had always played PUBG using 3 fingers. And then I switched to 4-finger controls and it works wonders.

People have a lot of problem with You have an iPad so it’s a lot easier for you. But it’s nothing like that. I use my Asus ROG and I use 4-finger controls on the phone as well. The screen doesn’t make a difference it’s all about practice. It’s all about giving time and adapting. Because it’s all mind games you’re switching from 2-fingers to 4-fingers So it helps you to move and shoot it helps you to play a little dynamically movement, jumping and all.

Because you’re using one finger to move around one finger to look around one finger to shoot and another to jump So… it’s everything at once. Why did he jump down? Impressive! Whoa! Oh my god!

Deadly! My first superchat to be honest was of Rs 40 as far as I remember It was claiming support “We have your back… …go for it!” When I reached 500k subscribers I got my highest superchat Rahul Srinivas… Oh my god.

Guys we’re not going to Georgopol today, wait! Thank you so much man! Rs 10,000 superchat. Oh man this is too much! I will surely die soon I can’t concentrate on my game. Yes it is a new way to socialise you communicate with people who you don’t know.

You talk to them and find out you live nearby each other. Maybe you might meet over a coffee or something. If it’s for fun… there’s no problem. You can play on emulator you can play on a mobile. There’s no point cursing anyone… “Why are you playing on emulator?”

It is a legal software Tencent has developed it. I don’t think that there should be any controversy. Controversies do happen no doubt There are people supporting emulator people supporting mobile phone and then there are people who understand that it doesn’t make a difference. I’m in that category… which understands it doesn’t really make a difference There’s also this thing “If you’re playing PUBG Mobile on a PC… …why don’t you play PUBG PC?”

So for that there is only one reason the mechanism is absolutely different. It’s only practice which will make you better. It might take a PC player a lot of time to adapt to the mobile game mechanism. As far as I know if you’re a clean emulator player and you play against emulator players… it’s absolutely fine.

PUBG Mobile has certainly changed my life because… I was about to get into studies. But then… who knew that streaming and all this… oh I feel so good.

I’ve got so many messages saying… they put up my stream after coming back from office because it makes them feel completely stress-free. Someone couldn’t do well in their exams… He commented… “Thank you for uploading this video.” And as a content creator and a streamer I’ll have to make sure that that this goes on… I got sponsored by Omlet arcade my partnership with Mr. 8bit_Thug I see them as opportunities and they’re a step towards building a career in mobile gaming especially.

And you know… I’ve this tremendous support from everyone and… cheers! Thank you! (chuckles)


Top 10 Best Farming PC Video Games

Ah, spring. The best time to get your vegetable garden going. But in case you don’t like getting your hands dirty, or feel frustrated about the time it takes to grow a good pumpkin, you will be pleased to find out, that video games allow you to become a successful farmer without all the annoying aspects of actual farm-work.

For today’s list, we are going to take a look at various PC games that allow you to try your hand at farming without leaving your room! Before we begin, a quick reminder full of nature-related games, including many of the positions from this list. Click the link in the description to check it out! Without further ado, here are our picks for the best farming games! Number 10 – Shotgun Farmers Shotgun Farmers has a very tongue-in-the-cheek approach to farming – in fact, it’s a multiplayer shooter game with a twist.

You play as an angry farmer trying to get rid of your rivals – but you have to be very careful with your shooting accuracy – bullets that miss your enemies will sprout into plants which can be used as guns by your opponents. Number 9 – Farm Manager 2018 This position focuses mostly on the management aspect of the farm-work. It’s your responsibility, as the manager, to choose and train your employees, purchase suitable equipment and control the cultivation process on your farm. You will have to select the type of crops and livestock you want to grow, make sure that the changing seasons and weather don’t affect your harvest negatively, choose what types of buildings are necessary for the development of your business and so on. Farm Manager is especially recommended for fans of city management/tycoon type of simulator games who would like to try their skills in an agricultural setting. Number 8 – Plantera Plantera is a fun little idle clicker game, perfect for distracting yourself or calming your nerves.

Thanks to the assistance of blue blobby creatures, aptly-named Helpers, you can navigate to this website even when you’re away from the computer, though the charming visuals and soothing audio design will make you want to come back to click some more trees. You might also want to defend your garden from an infestation of mean critters trying to steal your crops. All in all, Plantera is a very simple and casual game, but it’s adorable enough to be worth a try.

Number 7 – Farm together Farm together focuses on the social aspect of farming games, so well-known from the days of ubiquitous Farmville notifications on Facebook. The gameplay is very simple and accessible, allowing the players to easily fall into a near-meditative loop of planting, watering and harvesting, with occasional equipment upgrades and farm expansions. The repetitive and time-gated routine might seem annoying, but in reality can be very soothing – especially when you consider the friendly graphic style and ambient music of the game – making it very easy to spend long hours in the game.

The most distinct feature of the game is the “together” included in the title – it allows your friends, or random internet people, to join you on your farm and help you with your crops – and vice versa. The game even includes a built-in voice chat to help you strike a conversation with your fellow farmers, making it great for a casual co-op experience. Number 6 – Pure Farming 2018 Pure Farming 2018 offers what its name suggests – a game focused entirely on farming. You can utilize your land for different types of agricultural activities, including classic farmlands, fields for your livestock, orchards, greenhouses or even green energy.

But farming doesn’t stop at your local farm – the game allows you to expand your agricultural empire all over the world. Coffee beans, rice-fields, vineyards – you can include all of those in your portfolio by visiting Columbia, Japan and Italy and establishing your presence on the various continents. The assembly of farming equipment and machinery at your disposal includes not only classic combine tractors, but also specialized machines used specifically to harvest the region-specific plants from different parts of the world – all of them based on real-life models.

The satisfaction of working as a virtual farmer can only be greater if you become the head of a multi-national agribusiness corporation in the process. Number 5 – My time at Portia While My Time at Portia is still in Early Access, it’s a position well worth checking out. Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s visual style, the world of Portia is adorably welcoming, with quirky and unique inhabitants who live their own lives according to their own schedules.

The player character inherits a workshop from their father and competes against other workshop owners – and in order to do that, you have to gather various resources to complete your commissions. One of the ways to do that is through farming, which is done with the help of planter boxes, fertilizers and cultivated soil. Each type of crop has its own germination time and preferred season and can be used for different purposes – a sisal plant can be harvested for linen, used in production of clothing, and rainbow flowers can be used either as pigment ingredients or as a gift for a character you fancy. Number 4 – Banished In Banished, you take care of a group of exiles who start a new life away from their previous hometown they’d been driven away from. Starting with a handful of men and women, you will have to keep your people alive, turning your wretched settlement into a sustainable community.

Farming is one of the ways to keep your population alive and growing – and the crops can later be traded with merchants hailing from other towns. But as with other aspects of this unforgiving risk and resource management simulator, farming is far from being simple. In order to keep your fields, orchards and pastures in good condition, you have to rotate your crops and let the soil rest unless you want it to degrade and for the plants to be more susceptible to infestations. The changing seasons will get in the way of your farming plans, and you have to make sure that your people have enough food to survive winter. Number 3 – Slime Rancher As a young farmer, Beatrix LeBeau, you are sent to a different planet in order to take care of a slime ranch.

The adorable, slimy creatures you take care of provide you with plort – a resource that can be sold for money used to upgrade your ranch. As Beatrix, you will have to explore the alien planet in search of new types of slimes, as well as protect your ranch from hostile slimes hellbent on destruction. The game is incredibly cute and relaxing, and will keep you immersed for long hours.

Number 2 – Farming Simulator Series The Farming Simulator Series offers the ultimate, realistic games for the modern farming enthusiasts. A new edition of the series comes out every two years, which is a testament to the series’ popularity. The newest position, Farming Simulator 2017, offers a huge and detailed world with locations based on real-life North America, with several thousand square metres of farmable land. Manage your vast farmlands, as you can harvest a variety of different crops, specialize yourself in animal husbandry or even forestry – all that with the help of realistic machines, such as tractors and combine harvesters, all modelled after real-life vehicles and equipment. Number 1 – Stardew valley Stardew Valley masterfully combines the farming mechanic with RPG elements, crafting and exploration, resulting in an immensely engaging and addictive game with tons of content for long hours of gameplay. You start off with a plot of neglected land inherited from your grandfather, which you can slowly turn into a sprawling, lively farm with a variety of different crops and animals.

In order to achieve that, you will have to level up your skills in various areas, unlock crafting recipes for improved equipment and choose professions, which will enhance your effectiveness as a farmer. The Valley itself is a living world populated by an endearing ensemble of citizens who can be befriended or romanced – and who might provide different types of assistance in your farming endeavors. Through your improvement of your own land, you can help bring the town to its former glory and become a vital member of the community. So, that’s it for our list! What do you think about our picks? Did we include your favourite farming game, or do you think our list is not complete?


Poker Night In America. Season 2, Episode 8

From Seminal Hard Rock, in Hollywood, Florida, this is Poker Night in America. Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Christ Hanson. We’ve had a ton of fun at our visit to Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. This facility is world class.

The staff treated us like we were a bunch of rock stars. The food was absolutely amazing. And the poker, well, let’s let the poker speak for itself.

>> [BLEEP] you guys. >> Blinds are 25 and 50 and Gavin Smith is racing through his fourth greyhound. >> Been drinking all [BLEEP] damn day.

>> And thanks for bringing us in, Gavin. Here’s a look at the current chip counts. As we’re back to poker. >> This guy here, he’s a [BLEEP] dealer.

Why is he here in basketball shorts and a three year old t-shirt? >> Yeah, sure. >> I think he’s here to win money. It seems like he came to win our money.

I suspect he came to try to win our money. >> He actually is winning all the money so far. >> He’s doing good at it. >> Who? >> Michael. >> Folded around to Jared Jaffe.

>> Gavin was asking why he was here. >> I, I’m actually thoroughly impressed. [LAUGH] >> He actually, he should be winning about $7,000 more.

>> Can you spell it? >> No. >> We’re up to Gavin Smith on the button. We do over a 100 dollar optional straddle out there from Eli Elezra.

>> He’s running bad, Gavin. He should be winning 7,000 more than he is. >> Why? >> Cuz Matt made a bad call.

>> Cuz he had the wrong, wrong person had the seven nine of hearts that time. >> They would’ve got in three ways all in on the flop. >> And Eli calls the extra 200 out of the straddle. >> Heads up, with Aldridge and Elezra.

>> Hey guys. >> Flop’s Jack High with a couple of hearts. Aldridge pairs his jack.

>> Teach is wearing his World Series of Poker bracelet. Did you know he had won one? >> Eli’s got bottom pair, pair of sixes. >> Look.

>> I’ve worn it everyday. >> He’s wearing his World Series of Poker, you know what I’ll tell you what I went out with him last night, he didn’t have it on. >> I did. >> $1,000 from Aldridge as he’s now got 2 pair. >> He always has it when he’s playing. He just doesn’t have it on anyother times.

>> Well it’s not fasionable. >> I had it on at the ah, paintball. [LAUGH] >> I call. >> Elezra calls and here comes the river. >> I don’t think you had it on a paintball.

I think you’re lying, Teach. >> Had the what on? >> The World Series of Poker Bracelet. >> 15. >> You know he won a bracelet? >> Well I can see it on his wrist.

>> 1500 on the river and a call. >> There’s a lot of shark people in the world, the day Teach won that [BLEEP] bracelet I’ll tell you that right now? >> And the man they call Teach. >> Teach. >> Scoops our first pot of the night that’s worth over $7,000. >> That Teach wearing the bracelet.

Was one of the worst things ever to happen to the North Carolina Poker Economy. [LAUGH] >> I gotta go first. >> This foundation. >> K, seriously, I’m about ready to.

I’m mad at [BLEEP] Eli for making fun of my chip stack. >> It’s not even worth making fun of. >> What do you think, for us to do 3, 3, 3, 3 and then you move it all in, with the, you just want to steal the money in the middle, right? >> Oh, wow! >> Get yourself some of that Eli. >> Gavin Smith raises with fours.

>> Gavin these just. >> Careful! Careful, I don’t make any mistakes after the flop. >> He don’t like money. >> Raj Vohra raises to a thousand with a suited six deuce.

>> This is what I like about you, you go against the tight ones. You don’t give a [BLEEP]. >> Matt Russell is the straddle, and he calls with ace 10.

Back to Gavin Smith. >> What the [BLEEP]. >> And Gavin calls, so 3K in the pot going to the flop.

>> Pretty sure that’s gonna be all in this, on this street. >> I have a feeling something’s gonna be all in, yeah. >> Here comes our flop. A couple of aces on that flop from Matt Russell. Vohra’s first. >> 1400.

>> And he’s firing at the flop. $1,400. >> Matt you have kids? >> Yeah I got 2 kids. They’re almost as old as you.

>> Wow. [LAUGH] >> They’re 12 and ten. >> I’m a little past that, but not much. >> Mine for sure is older. >> You [BLEEP] suck, Matt.

>> That was very humbling of you to call there. >> What, I didn’t think I was going to get a fold if I shoved. >> A king on the turn. So Vohra is officially drawing dead, but that doesn’t mean his betting is dead. He bets 2000.

He’s gotta make Matt Russell believe that he’s got him out-kicked. >> I’m just stalling. >> Russell puts all the chips in the middle. >> Ace king’s good. >> And Vohra’s cards make their way into the middle into the muck. >> Pick a card, pick either one.

>> That one right there’s the king. >> This one? >> That’s the king. >> That’s the only one you get to see. >> Woof.

>> Whoa. >> Sick read. That’s why he didn’t believe that you were in the Epic Poker Leauge. >> Not only was I in it, I was higher rank than Glantz. >> Yeah. I was surprised I qualified those days cuz I didn’t play many tournaments back then.

>> I was actually surprised you qualified too cuz you’re on of the [BLEEP] players in history of poker. [LAUGH] >> I have no idea how Parks Poker make you their guy. >> I got lucky. Just fell into it. >> Kessler.

If Glantz could get a deal like he got at Parks, you’re a lock to get something soon. >> I qualified for Epic Poker. >> Yeah then you’re probably too cheap to pay the buy in weren’t you? >> Maybe Raj has a thing for hearts. >> No, no question.

>> He calls with Queens four of hearts on the button here. >> Hey how did your investors do backing you in this tournament here, down here in Miami? [LAUGH] >> Oh, that sucks. >> Eli Elezra raises to 1,425. >> Kessler won me money at the World Series this year.

I had percentage of him in the 50k. >> Back to Teach Aldridge. >> Do you think that Matt Glantz is the is the oldest looking 43 year old man you’ve ever seen in your life? >> Aldridge folds. [LAUGH] >> Gavin how old are you? >> 46.

>> And Vohra calls. >> You look old. >> Really?

>> Oh God. >> Do I look older than Gavin? He said no. Gavin gave you a dirty look. [LAUGH] >> I would have guessed you were like, 31.

>> Yeah. >> I don’t, I don’t have the time to work out like you do all the time in that way. So it’s like, hard for me. >> I have all the time in the world.

I just don’t have the inclination. >> Oh, the always entertaining Gavin Smith. >> Oh my God. He’s such an ambassador.

>> Eli bets 1300. >> I don’t think you’re ever gonna get Negreanu’s spot. [LAUGH] >> And a call from Vohra. >> I think it’s gone man, I don’t think you’re getting Negranu’s spot. >> I don’t think so either, he locked it up.

>> Elezra checks. >> What if there would be some type of accident and Negreanu would dissapear. >> Oh Matt would of already off’d him by then, he would of been gone already.

>> Matt thought that’s all he needed to do. >> He’s gonna pull a Tonya Harding on Negreanu to get his spot. >> Matt would be in there swinging at his knees if he thought that’s all it took.

>> 2,500 from Vohra and Elezra will fold. >>When you call us even I’ll go, I’ll take his knees out. I gotta save a couple bucks. Times are tough. >> Well Raj, I apologize. Go ahead and play any two suited cards you want my man.

Nice to see Allen Kessler stopping by to sweat our cash game. And sure enough are feature crew shoved a camera in his face and asked him why aren’t you playing in the game. >> I have never played one hand with best casino bonuses. I’ve done with the cash in my life. I play a lot mix games, and other than Dan Heimiller I think I play more tournaments than anybody. This, I’d be out of my league in this game.

I mean there’s a lot of good notable players here. It’s not my realm. I, I, I like limit mix games. >> Well Al, if you ever change your mind and you want to take up no limit hold’ em, invitation’s always open.

Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. Thanks for coming back. Let’s get back to our cash game and see if Allen Kessler was right. Is this table too tough? >> I just want you to double, man.

Double up and just go home. Go with Allen Kessler to a night club. [LAUGH] >> Well that sounds fun!

>> I’ll, I’ll pay the admission. I’ll pay admission if they go. >> I get a couple more tickets if they’re gonna have it. You know, a couple more of those. >> Go with Allen Kessler to the Night Club, wow I can’t think of anything more fun.

>> Get his table at Liv tonight. That he paid 600k for. >> Did he really do that?

>> I don’t know the exact number, but something like that. >> For real? >> For real.

>> How often does he go? >> This was, I don’t think this was recently, I think like, he did it before. >> What if he, what if he actually has a bunk there. >> What does that mean?

>> Like is it still like a legit expense? Like is that okay? Is there any amount, is there any amount to justify that? >> Like if he can sleep through it like if he had the room? >> Give me there.

Yeah there’s an amount to justify it. I mean every time he goes to a club he probably spends like $5K. >> He doesn’t get free drinks. >> So he pays $600K and then he pays for his drinks as well? >> That’s just to reserve the table.

>> A couple of diamonds. A couple of fours and an ace gives the top pair to Ken Aldridge and a flush draw to Jared Jaffee. >> 5k to reserve the table. >> No they’re saying he paid $600,000 to reserve the table for an entire year. And he still, and then he still pays for bottle service. They’re bull [BLEEP], there’s no chance.


Blackjack Basics

Blackjack is amongst the most popular and well recognized of modern Casino games. It is a game between you and the dealer. During a game of Blackjack cards are dealt from a deck of cards called a shoe. Traditionally a shoe may contain anything from one standard 52-card deck to 6 such decks. Our version of Blackjack is played exclusively with a single 52-card deck, as this offers you the best possible chances of winning.

You will be dealt two cards. The Dealer will be dealt one card. In some Casinos the Dealer is dealt two cards but only one is turned so that it’s value can be revealed.

The card that remains face down is called the Hole card.

The object of Blackjack is to obtain a hand with the highest possible value without exceeding 21. All face cards – Kings, Queens and Jacks, have a value of ten and the Aces can have a value of 1 or 11.

If your initial two cards do not total 21 then you may request additional cards, called a Hit. If your hand does not go Bust (exceeds 21) and still does not equal 21 you may continue to request additional cards until your hand goes Bust, reaches 21 or you decide to Stand. If you are dealt a Blackjack (an ace and a card of value ten) then the dealer will automatically lose unless his single card is an Ace or a card of value 10. If you are dealt a Blackjack then he will not be allowed to draw further cards as he already has the best possible hand.

If you go Bust the game is over and the dealer wins. If you reach 21 or choose to Stand the dealer will draw another card. If the dealer’s hand is less then 17 in value the dealer must continue to draw cards until his hand’s value equals 17 or more. In the event of the dealer not going Bust the value of the dealer and your hands are then compared. If your hand is stronger the Casino will pay you twice the amount originally wagered. If you win on a Blackjack you will be paid out 2.5 times your original bet.

Questions About Slot Machines

When it comes to people answer build air sound volume is it’s higher than most of machines do you have kind of introducing up volume cinema we you know I mean it might be the options it’s very binary in the options at the moment it’s like on a LOF and and we do is put a little desk in there that it can mix the music with the audio with the SFX and and and have sylars I think I think we will get around to that it’s just yeah we’ve been to kind of busy on product so yeah but how long do you work on a game because some providers can make a game in a few weeks suddenly it takes a few months for how long do you work like when do you come up with the idea for the idea. Learn more about how slot machines work at CasinoSlots.

So come like is a seed ideas and and and you know easily think about them for a couple of months so that’s what’s making this all realize in the product I then stop putting it’s a paper and then I’ll do is sort of shimmy mock-up in Photoshop and then take it to the team and see what you think and they’ll tell me it’s crap so so how much would say it’s from day one until an axe loads a very special say about it’s about an 18-month process so the stuff that’s coming out now is you know like um there’s a saying that’s a show you’re only as good as what you doing two years ago and we’re still you know now we’re pushing out stuff that is literally eighteen months old so you look at extra chili and it’s kind of yeah it’s you and our fault so people are looking at games now thinking let’s let’s have a look at you know what big-time we’re doing next it’s like well what we’re doing right now is so different to what we’re doing why into you all right into yes it’s that kind of we and we we will she wished my children to somebody else which I was a danger yeah yeah.

I had my first bonus in 2008 and it was absolute garbage yeah you owe me a tricky one day for that one one interesting questions that empty wrote yes down shot do you plan on like we do if you meet ups gonna have one meet up now in longer as well yeah do you plan on would you consider joining one of those meetups in the future well in terms of a benign in person have a few yeah I mean I said light so it’s just getting gang you know come on no way call me and this thesis but it wasn’t bad we know something I need yes so it’s it’s just getting over you know 20 Firefly and yes it’s two days lost of my life whenever I come to Sydney and and you know it’s yeah you live in Australis that’s why there’s gone.