(electronic music) – Its no secret that one of the biggest games right now- okay lets be honest, the biggest game right now is Fortnite. To celebrate that we wanted to do a gaming set up based on it. Now in the past we have done a couple other gaming themed set ups before we did a Zelda Switch, we did a Sea of Thieves Xbox, and in those cases we took the extra step of doing a painted system. Which can look really great, but it is also not very cheap and is in fact super expensive. So we want to do something a little bit different this time that was much more affordable.

The first step is to get a PS4 in the right color we want to celebrate Fortnite. The problem is, is that when it comes to colors and Playstation well right now there’s not really a whole lot of options. In fact there’s really none, because they’re all different just shades of white, black, or metallic.

Doesn’t really have a colorful vibe to it like in Fortnite. So we decided to get a DBrand skin, and in this case we went for a blue system. Fortnite doesn’t really have any one singular strong color, it kind of changes with the seasons, but blue is one that’s always kind of stuck with me as being part of the game.

So lets set that up right now. (electronic music) Why? I did okay.

So we now have a blue PS4, which I’m really surprised that I didn’t mess up other than missing the inside of the port here. Well its gone. But we’re just gonna ignore that. We have a blue PS4, which on its own doesn’t exactly scream Fortnite yet.

We still have to add one more thing and that’s decals which are gonna add the real flavor. Now, there’s a couple ways you can go with this. We picked up a couple options, but there’s only enough room to fit one of them. First we’ve got the big obvious guy, Big ole Fortnite logo sticker.

So this is going to cover up most of the PS4 It’s definitely gonna give the idea of Fortnite right away, but personally I’ve always said many times before I don’t like shoving the name of stuff on the systems, I wanna be a little more subtle than that. Plus with this sticker, we’re actually gonna cover up the Playstation logo which, I’m not really feeling either. So instead we’re gonna go with hang gliding onto the map. Now with this guy it’s small enough that we actually have to chose which part of the PS4 that we want to put it on. Since the energy of kind of floating down the hang glider is going this way, I’m feeling the upper right hand corner right here. (electronic music) So as you can see we’ve gone with a desk set up for our Fortnite PS4 theme.

And the reason for that is that at its heart Fortnite is a competitive game, and when I think of competitive gaming I think of a desk set up, you know living room set ups are great and all but I usually think of that being more relaxed, laid back, you’re doing some single player gaming. For something competitive though, I think desk set up its all tight it’s your battle station everything is all together. So along with the PS4 that we’ve customized, we have a couple more things on here that still celebrate Fortnite. First off, there’s a little replica of the Boogie Bomb, which is really cool actually because it comes with a little remote.

Where right now we have it set to where its shifting through all the different colors, but you can also do it to where its just one solid color, or its blinking all the colors a lot faster than it is right now. The other thing we got which is actually my personal favorite, I’m blocking right its this guy, it’s just a little light up sign that uses LED lights below to create the Fortnite logo in a really cool looking way. Its kind of like that dock dock we have for the switch I just think it looks really awesome and ties the whole set up together.

Now of course with Fortnite being a competitive game we can’t just talk about aesthetics with this set up we also got to talk about what kind of accessories to outfit your PS4 with to give you the biggest edge in the game. And the two biggest most important are of course a headset and a controller. Now starting with headset we’ve got this guy back here the Arctis Pro Wireless.

This has become my favorite headset that I’ve been using, I use it on PS4 and PC all the time. It has great audio quality great sense of direction, doesn’t come cheap but it is worth it. Now they do make a wired version of this that’s a little cheaper, which could work in this desk set up. But I really wanted to keep the whole thing looking clean and so I went with the wireless to keep that look.

Next lets talk about controllers. Now of course you could just stick with the standard Dual Shock 4 leave it on display right there. But you wanna talk about Pro Controller options there’s two that I really like for Playstation. First if you want a wired option for that super low response time I love the Nacon Revolution, this is actually one of the first Pro controllers they did for the PS4 and its a really good one. I like the fact that is uses the higher up left stick like on an Xbox which I think is just more comfortable. And it uses mix up of concave and convex heads.

Most importantly for Fortnite though is that its going to give you re-mappable buttons on the back of the controller. Which are really easy to access and hit. Now if you would instead want something that’s wireless to maintain that nice clean look here.

I really like the Scuf Impact. This is basically just a heavily modified PS4 controller, which is why its still wireless. But you’re gonna get a much better grip design and once again you’re getting those back pedals for more control options.

So there you have our Fortnite PS4 set up. If you wanna get some looks at this thing, check out my Instagram. We’re gonna put a whole bunch of pictures up of it there. If you’re interested in any of the stuff that we featured in this video we’re gonna link that down below as well. I will see you guys later.

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